Why do I want/need to blog

Hi there, it’s a good topic for a first post to talk about why to blog. In fact I’ve built some blog sites before but just failed to keep them alive. They became silent for couples of reasons, mostly is because lost passion on blogging. Not fun and little gain as well. Now I may have a new idea of it. It’s worthy to write down what you think during a period and I used or treated blog in a wrong way before when I just be copying/sumarizing the things I read from the other places. It is a cheat that you tell yourself “Look at those notes, I am working hard!”. Nope, I found it not only useless but also a waste of time as these notes are just copied from other’s mind no matter I have summarized it or not. Just like what I feel about writting reading notes only by putting the word from the book to your note without leaving your own idea which is just a time enjoying writing latters but not thinking about the book. So this time how will I treat blog?

Firstly, when writing blog in English like I do now, this topic is fake as it has already been benefit to my English skill when I am doing that. I mean the answer is quite obvious that I want to improve my English. I’ve been in a big passion over learning English these days and am trying to use English in my daily life as possible as I can, such as reading posts, watching videos, chatting with friends etc, all in English. It’s hard for the begining but when I gradually accustomed myself to this enviroment and I find that I love these stuff. I do feel joyful when I found that I can watch many English speaking vedios without subtitle or know a new expression of English world when doing these stuff. Though I still be easy to make mistake in the grammar or the usage of some words now, it can’t stop me from expressing myself in English. I learned it from lots of experiences my friends or I have passed through that everything needs courage for the beginning and patience for the continueing. Work hard and give it time, then it will give a present to your life.

Secondly, writting blogs provide a good chance for you to retrospect what you have done and look back to what you are doing now, should you change your resolution on something, is that fit on your roadmap? You can find the clue when writting a blog but again bear in mind you’re not writting in a copy way.

Thirdly, blogging give you a way to express yourself in a clear, complate way. Nowadays we have a lot of platfroms/apps that allow you to post your thinkings in a piecemeal, fast way, but in my opinion you still need to organise your thoughts up to become a long blog. It takes some time but is worthy to do as the fragement posts are too separate to become a good material for you to check out later. Also their content are more about some instants in your daily life that are not helpful for retrospect. I need fast consumption bloggings, meanwhile I need more meaningful posts as well.

As you can see, so far I want to record three kinds of content in my blog. They are: 1.English posts, categorized in “Blog-En”, which I will post in English, saying something about what I felt for a period. The topic could be wide and less limitation if I could manage to express it in English. 2. Chinese posts, writting in Chinese and sharing some ideas that are yet hard to express in English or just makes sense in Chiness. 3. Some translations about technical posts or any other topics I am interested in from English to Chinese.

That’s all for the first post. I may come back to correct some wrong usages in the future when I can tell them :D .